Freedom and public debt

In the Republic of Texas, we really care about our freedom; we don’t just pay it lip service, and we don’t take it lightly.

I am hankering to take on a little problem I’ve seen around in some other roughshod terroritories, where they don’t care much about real freedom.  They care more about government handouts, and give hogs a bad name by calling these handouts “pork.”

Government debt is toxic to our freedom, and permanent government debt is fatal to freedom.  So we don’t have it in the Republic of Texas.  Humor me a while longer?

Scams that payout money only by taking on new debt are given the moniker “Ponzi” schemes.  And a government run perpetually in debt is exactly that – a Ponzi scheme.  Just like Madoff.  The scam may last longer, or it may not.  But sooner or later, the thing comes crashing down when the government can no longer pay.  Oh, the government will try to pay.  It will try to enact new taxes.  It will raise tax rates.  Governments will often seize property when they come under pressure from partisan supporters.

That’s how your freedom becomes infringed. Government running in debt is mortgaging your freedom; your property and your rights become subject to the often partisan interests of government in distress, or probably panic (like today, in some other places that aren’t run very well).

In the Republic of Texas, the government keeps a cash balance, and pays as it goes. We don’t live in fear that some far-away communist country, without a clue about freedom or human rights, will wind up with say-so about our personal property, our freedoms, and our rights. We don’t live in fear that our currency will inflate because of irresponsible government spending.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Texas. You’ll have freedom here, and your property is your property – not the Republic of Texas’s property. There’s no confusion about it.

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