Whereas, we the people of the Republic of Texas do inact

Welcome to Texas, pard.

We believe in personal responsibility here.  We don’t have any “Community Reinvestment Act,”  any FNMA or FMAC.  We don’t tell banks who to loan money to; such decisions are the defining quality of the bank, not the Republic of Texas.

We all are free here; really free.  As free as we can possibly be.

Inside the Republic of Texas, every citizen is exactly the same as every other citizen.  If you need special treatment just because you’re different, go somewhere else.

We used to have property tax, but now your property is exactly that:  your property.  What government we have, which aint’ much, is funded only by consumption tax.

Texans are generous, and we have a lot of charities here, but the Republic of Texas government is not one of them.

A word of caution, pard.  Everybody here is free to carry a hog-leg, concealed or not.  We don’t have much crime, and we like it that way.

We are a God-loving people here, on the whole.  Religion though makes no basis to impact on the rights or properties of any other person.  You can take your minor dependent child to any church you want; but don’t even think of mutilating that kid, OK?

Just a few thoughts to make your stay here a little nicer.  Again, welcome to the Republic of Texas.

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